CPAP Intolerance

A common method of sleep apnea treatment involves a CPAP machine. If you've ever used this machine, you know how loud and cumbersome it is. Patients have difficulty adjusting to sleeping with the CPAP mask over their face, sleeping with the noise of the respirator, and traveling with the bulky equipment. Patients who have used the CPAP and discontinued treatment are said to be CPAP intolerant.

When Should You Consider an Oral Appliance?

Oral appliance therapy is an effective alternative to CPAP. Instead of a noisy respirator and a facial mask, the patient simply wears an appliance - which resembles an athletic mouthguard - during sleep. But how can an oral appliance treat sleep apnea?

Oral Appliance Therapy

CPAP intolerant patients have found relief from snoring and sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. The appliance is thin, flexible, and portable, offering relief that's comfortable and effective. Oral appliances work by repositioning the jaw or tongue forward, which opens airways and allow the wearer to breathe easy while sleeping. Similar to a mouthguard or orthodontic retainer, oral appliances are custom-made for each patient for a snug fit that offers maximum tolerance. Not only are they easy to use and clean, they slip into a compact, protective case making travel simple.

What Should I Expect with an Oral Appliance?

Though most sleep apnea patients adjust well to oral appliance therapy, some may experience slight side effects when they first begin wearing an oral appliance. Minor and temporary, these may include a tense or clicking jaw, sore teeth and gums, increased salivation or dry mouth, feeling as though your bite is slightly off after removing in the morning. After a few uses, these symptoms most often disappear.

If you're tired of your CPAP and would like a convenient alternative, contact Dr. Greenbaum for a free consultation. Oral appliance therapy can restore silent, refreshing sleep and greatly improve your day-to-day quality of life.

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