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A Variety of Oral Appliances for Your Unique Needs

Not every smile is the same, and not every sleep apnea suffer responds to the same oral appliance therapy. At the Bethesda Center for Dental Sleep Medicine, we offer a variety of oral appliance options to treat any patient.

SomnoDent® Sleep Appliances

SomnoDent® sleep appliances are a family of oral appliances that shift the jaw forward during sleep. This works by increasing the pressure on soft tissue and muscles in the airway to keep the patient's throat open and clear throughout sleep. The appliance is custom fit and made from high quality materials. Easily adjusted, the appliance allows patients to speak and drink during wear, and 91% of patients report improved sleep and quality of sleep.

The OASYS Herbst

The OASYS oral appliance offers patients the dual benefits of a mouthpiece that opens the throat and nasal dilators that keep the nasal passage open. Treatment using OASYS maximizes the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy making it possible for patients to breathe easily through their mouth or nose as they sleep.

The Narval

The Narval appliance offers patients a custom crafted, lightweight oral appliance. Similar to other options, the Narval shifts the jaw forward to keep the airway open, but unlike other appliances, the high quality, flexible material provides optimal comfort and effectiveness. Patients are able to eat, drink, speak, and close their mouths during sleep.


One of the many appliances offered by SomnoDent is the SUAD device. Used to shift the jaw forward and keep the throat open, this device allows patients to adjust jaw position at home, keeping the airway open, with increased comfort overall. The SUAD device offers a unique design that gives patients more tongue space, a significant benefit for those with a sensitive gag reflex.


The EMA (Elastic Mandibular Advancement) oral appliance is one of the more comfortable, customizable treatments for obstructive sleep apnea. This appliance keeps the mouth and throat open during sleep,allowing for easy breathing...even when patients are congested. The adjustable and exchangeable sizes and shapes of the elastic tension straps allow patients to customize their treatment, too.

The MicrO2

The MicrO2 sleep and snore device is one of the latest advances in oral appliance therapy. It utilizes CAD/Cam technology to mill a comfortable, custom appliance. Unlike other appliances that clip or snap together, the MicrO2 is crafted as one, seamless unit. This allows patients maximal comfort and care, and the high quality PMMA materials allow the appliance to be compact and comfortable while retaining optimal strength and durability.

Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP)

TAP is a mandibular advancement device that shifts the jaw forward during sleep. There are three parts to the appliance: an upper and lower dental tray, as well as piece that connects the two. Based on the optimal positioning of the throat during CPR, TAP appliances shift the jaw forward to open the throat and allow air to pass through easily. These appliance are easily adjusted by the patient at any time, allowing for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Respire Dorsal Fin Appliance

The Respire Dorsal Fin appliance places the jaw in a position that maintains an open airway by preventing the lower jaw from falling back and collapsing the airway. This allows patients to inhale more air per breath, allowing them to achieve to a better night's sleep.